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Pricing is for tuning only, NO HARDWARE is included. The AutoAgent must be sourced elsewhere.   Once you have placed…
For CTT EZ Lynk customers that currently have the Limited Support (4 weeks) and want to go to the Unlimited…
This is a direct replacement MAP sensor for your 03-07 5.9L Cummins, 07.5-18 Cummins, and Nissan Titan Cummins. It will…
For existing customers wanting to upgrade from a single tune to SOTF, you’ll need this and a SOTF switch.
If you entered the VIN incorrectly on your order, enter the correct VIN and the order number with the incorrect…
For highly modified vehicles. Contact us before ordering.
CTT Nissan EZ Lynk Tuning

CTT Nissan EZ Lynk Tuning

Incorrect VIN

Incorrect VIN


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